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Mission Statement

SHPG is committed to providing each of its customers and staff with a world leading environment for work and vehicle development. This includes delivering to the highest standard possible and implementing an unparalleled level of safety and efficiency to protect staff, clients and exceed expectations.

Our People

SHPG has brought together industry experts in snow and ice preparation, test team management, logistics and engineering. Detailed below, you will find our team very welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of your testing program.

George Gould – Managing Director

George, with a wide range of commercial experience in several industries, has overall management responsibility for SHPG.

Brodie McPherson - Chief Financial Officer

Brodie, a Chartered Accountant, has extensive experience in financial control with his audit background backed up by over 8 years of commercial experience. One of Brodie's key responsibilities at SHPG is ensuring SHPG's extensive capital development program has all the financial controls necessary to assist the operations team to complete programs on time and within budget while achieving the highest standard of operational effectiveness

Steve Gould – General Manager Customers

Steve, with 12 years’ experience with SHPG, is responsible for ensuring that service delivery meets the high standards expected by its clients. This covers all aspects of SHPG’s customer requirements for automotive development testing and aftermarket ice driving.

Tom Harry – General Manager Operations

Tom has an extensive experience in the management of mountain operations, recently joining SHPG Tom’s focus will be overseeing our day-to-day mountain operations with a keen eye to the continuous improvement our health and safety practices.

Graeme Gambold - Chief Engineer

Graeme has been involved with SHPG for over 30 years and has an extensive global knowledge of the automotive R&D industry. Graeme can provide technical insight and advice to all clients currently testing or considering testing at SHPG.

Key Operations Staff

Day and night supervisors

Murray and Jaanus are responsible for all aspects of facility preparation and maintenance. They jointly focus on quality control across all snow and ice facilities, responding to the day and night customer requirements. Both are involved in the design of specialist machinery and grooming equipment to keep SHPG at the leading edge of facility preparation & delivery.

Murray McErlich - Supervisor

Day shift

30+ years experience in the snow industry

12 years at SHPG

Jaanus Kaarik - Supervisor

Night shift

15+ years automotive industry experience

10 years at SHPG

Key Sales Staff

Hunter McGregor – Asia Director

Based in Shanghai, fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, Hunter has been SHPG’s Asian Director for the last 11 years. Hunter assists our Chinese customers to develop their test programs for SHPG

Michi Fujita – Japan Director

Based in Tokyo, Michi has been SHPG’s Japanese director for the last 15 years, Michi assists our Japanese customers to develop their test programs for SHPG.

Sri Nagesh – India Director

Based in Chennai, Nagesh has been SHPG's Indian director for the last 9 years, Nagesh is responsible for communicating with Indian automotive companies to assist them in developing test programs at SHPG.