Proving Ground Facilities

SHPG covers 490ha of privately owned land open during June, July and August each year with a range of confidential, safe and user friendly testing facilities for efficient, counter-seasonal winter testing.

Security and safety are top priorities for SHPG. Each facility is independently secure from other facilities with various security systems in place including security fencing enclosing the entire proving ground and many of the test tracks, compulsory identification, prohibited photographical equipment and all staff signing nondisclosure agreements.

Testing is carried out on your private facility which includes a ride and handling track – completely closed for your use only, snow and Ice flats, split mu & gradient ramps all for your individual safe, secure and confidential use at SHPG. Our workshops are located within your secure facility and are well equipped, including office, broadband internet, telephone and fax and bathroom facilities.

We also have a large 280m diameter snow circle and indoor split mu testing facilities that can be privately booked during your time at SHPG. High Mu testing is also available at SHPG’s private testing facility located 45mins from the proving ground – advanced booking for all of these facilities is advised.

Short, medium and long term bookings are welcomed at SHPG along with multi-year agreements available on request.


Snow Making – we have an extensive snowmaking system including over 85 guns capable of covering the entire proving grounds.

Communication – SHPG has high speed internet in all workshops, along with telephone, fax, mobile and RT services available and securely personalised to your company.

Snow compaction & grooming – SHPG has a large range of specialist snow compaction and grooming machinery capable of producing first class industry facilities and testing resources.

Ice preparation – Industry specialist machinery and operators ensure SHPG’s ice facilities are world class and accurately matched your testing requirements.

Secure storage – SHPG has secure storage available for all types of testing equipment - we can store and relocate commercially sensitive equipment until your company arrives.

Support staff – SHPG can provide temporary labour to your testing programme including experienced tyre changers & support staff.

Testing services – SHPG can provide fully independent testing services with experienced engineer / evaluators who can accurately and securely run and provide evaluation and development tests in NZ.

Accommodation / Lodging – Our onsite lodge can provide full accommodation and catering requirements for your company whilst testing in NZ.

Catering / Food service – SHPG has full catering services that can provide your company with full breakfast, lunch, dinner and special occasion catering options.

Vehicle rental – SHPG has access to a wide range of rental vehicles. Contact us to see if we can source the vehicles you require for your testing. We also have contacts to provide rental fleet vehicles to manage your staff logistics.

First aid / Safety – SHPG has full first aid and emergency staff onsite 24/7 to ensure we maintain a safe work place for your company.

Logistics / Freight – SHPG can assist in all international freight requirements. Please contact us to find out the easiest way to relocate your test equipment & vehicles.

Fuel – SHPG has onsite refueling including diesel, petrol 91, 96 and ultra. We can also provide specialist fuels on request.

EV charging - SHPG has infrastructure onsite to enable you to bring and install your own charger, we also have a limited supply of SHPG owned chargers for hire. Please contact us to find out more.