SHPG Values


Confidentiality is an area we take very seriously at SHPG. All our staff, customers and contractors are signed in with identifying name and company badges. They are also briefed on our secure site policies, safety procedures and signed in and out.

Your workshop and testing facilities are completely private and our track maintenance staff will check in at your office before heading out to complete work.

Secure gates at each side of the proving ground and secure fencing exclude public from our testing grounds and ensure your testing process remains confidential.

Inwards freight is stored securely and at request can be elevated to high security areas. We have a secure compound at the bottom of our access road which also has a fully enclosed safe storage facility.


At SHPG we take pride in ensuring your field tests can be completed with the utmost of safety. Our onsite 24/7 medic is fully equipped with ambulance and all staff receive specialist mountain safety training.

Workshops are equipped with first aid & fire fighting equipment.


SHPG has been developed as a purpose built OEM testing facility.

Our team of experienced, industry trained professionals work together to make sure your testing facilities are of the highest possible standard, all the time. SHPG is 100% land based and has excellent snow making facilities, reducing waiting time due to weather.

We have management and staff based at SHPG 24/7 to ensure we meet your every need. Regular checks ensure your facilities are of the highest standard to ensure you are getting exactly the tests you need done and maintaining cost effectiveness.

Customer service

At SHPG we pride ourselves on customer service. Our experienced team are on site and ready to meet your specific testing requirements. No problem is too big or too small and we are constantly striving to make your testing with us as effective as possible.

Our management can also assist with many other areas surrounding your test program in NZ including airfares, accommodation, rental cars, logistics and much more.


At SHPG we are very focused on ensuring you obtain the test results you need; our aim is for your company to leave SHPG 100% tested.

We will do everything we can to help you to make this happen and ensure you are getting the absolute most from your test program in NZ.